Listed below are a few wonderful Goddess magazines which include many rich articles, pieces of art and poetry. I have also included a link to my favorite Goddess datebook, the tarot cards I read with, and a website that sells a large variety of Goddess music. Exploring these links will give you an idea of the
richness of the Goddess Spirituality movement.
SageWoman: Celebrating the Goddess in Every Woman

Goddess Alive! A New Magazine of Goddess Celebration

Ladyslipper Music – Women’s and Goddess Music

We’Moon– Astrological Datebooks, Calendars & Cards

Daughtersof the Moon Tarot Cards by Ffiona Morgan

The Goddess Oracle by Hrano Janto & Amy Marashinsky

Also check out my youtube playlists that has valuable and beautiful things Goddess-y

Goddess Music-

The Goddess Remembered documentaries-

Marija Gimbutas-