~Who have you studied with?

Please see my Teachers page for those I have had the fortune to study with.

~What should I bring to my first appointment?

Please bring a notebook, pen, and water to drink.  FYI, no food or beverages other than water is allowed at the office.

~Do you send reminders?

Yes I do!  You can request a text reminder for either the day before your appointment, or the same day as your appointment.

~Where can I park?

My office has abundant free off street parking!  There is parking both in the front and rear of the building.




1.No appointments are considered set/ confirmed until payment is received. Please pay
promptly after we have discussed your appointment to ensure it is still available to you.

2. Appointments that are canceled within less than 24 hours will not be refunded. Obviously
this is also true for no-shows. Please understand that my time is valuable, as is yours, and
be respectful of it.

3. Please promptly be here at the beginning of your scheduled time. That is when your appointment begins. Late arrivals may therefore have a truncated visit, without a refund of the difference. Please understand that I may have clients after your appointment, and it would not be fair to them or myself to accommodate your tardiness. Again, please be respectful of my time.

4. If I need to reschedule an appointment due to illness or inclement weather, you will receive
credit for the next scheduled time.