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Spiritual Counseling~

I will call on my skills as a lifelong empath to work with your own intuition and deep feelings about ongoing issues in your life. I listen with an open heart and a compassionate soul. I also offer dream interpretation to help you integrate the messages from your subconscious into your waking life.


Tarot Readings~

Gain insight into the path the Universe is laying out for you. I will use my psychic skills to interpret the symbols in the cards and help bring into focus the next best steps for you to take.


Shamanic Journeying~
I offer my own style of shamanic journey work where I will journey for you and also help you through the process of journeying for yourself. Shamanic journeying involves going into a trance state in order to allow your spirit body to travel into an alternate level of reality. There, you can find healing and ask for advice from powerful spirit beings willing to ally themselves with you.


Rituals & Rites of Passage~

Rituals and Rites for; Weddings, Divorces, Funerals, House Blessings, Baby Blessings and any opportunity to celebrate the changing cycles in your life. I also am available to lead rituals to mark the seasons such as ceremonies for the solstices and equinoxes.

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